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Harvest Moon Camp

October 5-8 2018 Application here

About Camp Sundown


When Dan and Caren Mahar's youngest daughter Katie was diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosa (XP) they wanted her to have a "normal childhood" and to be able to go to camp. For children, like Katie, a day camp would be painful, and potentially life threatening. Children with XP can not stand even limited exposure to the sun or other types of ultraviolet light. The Mahars' dream of creating a "night camp" began in 1996 as an XP family retreat in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Thanks to many generous donors, in 2003, Camp Sundown Retreat House was opened in Craryville, NY.  


The single most important project of the XP Society, Camp Sundown is an annual gathering of XP families and leading researchers for a family retreat and medical conference. Camp Sundown brings together children and their families to share experiences, information and laughter under the safety of the stars. This day camp experience runs on a different time clock. Turning night in to day, Camp Sundown provides a week of fun, friendship and activities.  For families and children dealing with XP on a daily basis, this is a dream come true.



First-time Campers

Welcome new families to Camp Sundown! There is always a week in July reserved for first-time campers to come, meet new friends and experience camp on a different time clock. Children, families and scientists from around the world gather to attend Camp Sundown each year. We share information, enjoy fun outings and build a strong sense of community. Daily life for people with XP and other life-threatening UV disorders  is challenging. Friends make it a little easier and a lot less lonely.  

Camp Sundown Event Dates:

23nd Anniversary!


July 9-13 and 16-20 Camp Sundown

         August  3 Golf Classic

October 5-8 Harvest Moon Camp

November 4  Ball Drop


Camp Sundown Clowns

Cathy "Tots" Mackey (upper left corner, yellow suspenders) was our first clown and miracle worker. As the manager of our local Walmart, she got all of the linens we needed for our first summer at our Craryville retreat, and she became Moonlight, the Camp Sundown clown to entertain our campers. Bubba, Peanut and Bootsie joined Moonlight as beloved regulars at Camp Sundown. Bubba's Red Nose campaign raised vital funds towards our Camp Sundown Programs. 

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