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Welcome to Camp Sundown


The Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society

Celebrating 25 years of Empowering People with UV-Sensitivty

Research for Students


What is XP? How does it affect people? Imagine that you had to put on a hooded jacket, gloves, faceshield and hat every time you went outside to keep the sun from blistering your skin. XP is a rare disease that exhibits extreme light sensitivity and puts patients at great risk for hundreds of skin and eye cancers cancers. Learn  more.

Camp Sundown


Camp Sundown began in 1995 as one family's dream to give their daughter a "normal" childhood camp experience. It has grown into an annual gathering of XP kids, a foundation for their families and leading researchers to share experiences, build friendships and learn from each other. A camp for the "Children of the Night." Learn more.



The Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society runs a number of programs including education, fundraising, and outreach to benefit those affected by XP around the world. This non-profit foundation has no paid staff positions, benefiting from the generosity of volunteers and donors. There are many ways to get involved. Learn more.



News stories have helped to educate about XP. People affected by extreme sun sensitivity look just like everyone else, until blisters or freckles, cancers begin to appear. Parents don't know why their baby cries when they go outside. Children don't understand why the sun burns so painfully. We hope through more stories like these and work through the Xp Society, there will be a greater understanding and awareness about XP. Read more.

About Us


The Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society was founded in 1995 by Dan and Caren Mahar. The XP Society has grown to become the international authority for XP family support and provides information to help families make intelligent decisions in caregiving of UV-sensitive people. Through the generous donations of time, talent and financial contributions, the XP Society is proud to offer Camp Sundown, the unique to the world night camp program and family retreat free of charge to XP patients and their families. Get involved.   

What's New?

December Events


Friday Dec 18 8:30pm Special Friends

Saturday Dec 19 8:30pm Holiday Campfire with Zach

Monday Dec 28 8:30pm  2020 Camper Show

GoFundMe Camp Sundown

$50,000 goal to have camp sundown ready for next year.

Camp Sundown 2020

the Virtual Campfire Series

Since we can not safely be in person as we had hoped for an October camp, we hope you will join us in a few virtual sessions starting with S'mores and Campfire Songs Saturday September 26th at 8:30 pm with our longtime friend, Zach Nayer. It is Zach's 25th COVID concert and our 25th Anniversary of Camp!


The Third Virtual Campfire Saturday November 21 8:30 pm

Final Holiday Campfire Saturday Dec 19 830pm

Holiday and ANYDAY Shopping!

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of longtime friend and supporter Mr. Robert Hicks. His caring generosity for Camp Sundown and the XP Society has been a major contributing factor in the success of our programs for many years. We will miss you Bob.

Harvest Moon Camp

was a wonderful event! A relaxing long weekend to enjoy with friends learning new games like spot-it, swimming, showing off the new shirts, painting pumpkins and making creepy hands, visiting the Davenport Farm, eating fun, great meals, and making secret huddles to plot the Thriller show. We had visits from Dr. Moy, Dr. Ellen, and Dr. Hillary. Last campfires and songs of the year, big hugs and laughter. Thank you to our donors, sponsors, volunteers and camper families willing to travel so far.  

The 2020 XP REPORT is here! Please let us know if you would like a copy mailed to you.

Camp Sundown 2019

Camp Sundown 2019

Week One on Video by Camper Cassidy Clark

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Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society, Inc.

437 Snydertown Road

Craryville, NY 12521, USA


Telephone: (518) 929-2174


Email: xps@xps.org